I designed products for Pulse Inc, an electronic healthcare company based in Wichita, KC.



I was hired by Pulse in January 2015 to work on improving the user experience on a number of products.

For Healthcare Service industry, adopting new technologies and keeping up with the rest of the world in terms of software design and engineering is a rather difficult subject. Things don’t happen as fast as they do in other industries, say transportation, or communications. Many parts of this machine are strictly overseen by governmental and medical organizations, which inevitably reflects on how things are made at a company as well as the company culture. It was a whole new learning experience for me, since I've been mostly working with post-millennium startups before this.


Pulse Mobile

Pulse Mobile is a companion app built for physicians, allowing them to view medical and patient information on their smartphones.

Active development started on March 2015 and the General Availability was met with a July 2015 release. Core product team consisted of me, a software engineer and a product manager. 

MVP WorkflowMVP Workflow

Pulse Patient Portal

Pulse Mobile is a web client built for patients, allowing them to view their medical records, send a message to their provider, book and manage appointments and export vital information.

Development & testing took over a year, and the product (v2.0.3) was released for general availability on September 13, 2016.