About Me

Started doing freelance design work when I was 15, my first gig being a logo design project.

I kept growing my skillset and client base since then - branding, packaging, web design, and finally UX. By the time I was 18, I had built a sustainable freelance business with 90% of my clients being overseas.

m.note Proposal

VCD 322 - Experience Design in Digital Media

m.note and m.log

VCD 322 - Experience Design in Digital Media

m.log iOS Workflows

VCD 292 - Interface and Interaction Design

LxJS 2013 - Branding and Organization

A two-day international conference about the New Worlds of JavaScript. I've designed their lanyards and tshirts and helped out with the organization (front desk). 

Notice the lanyards are die-cut - people said it looked pretty slick.


Readsmart Identity

Featured on Behance Graphic Design — 12/4/2012

Portrait Photos

Hint: do a Google Search "portrait photos logo"


Mors Praematura

VCD 243 - Sight, Sound and Motion